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Maximum size of vertex- and normalarrays?Layout?

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Hi I am writing my renderer right now i have a modified Octree which isn t really a octree, because i have removed the all the nodes above and underneath +-4096(Z axis) cause i will never need them the octree also doesn t splitt if a node reaches x triangles but it creates all nodes until the smallest node size is reached. this also has to do with the enginelayout now back to the renderer each node stored a meshlist and mesh contains all the triangle data of one shader terrain meshes are stored seperately because their support 4 layered blending now everytime i render the scene it check the frustrum against the nodes build a linked list of meshes to render all those meshes are sorted by their shader to avoid redundant texture binds now my problem is to decided for one of the 2 following solutions 1. store the vertex and normal data in the Meshes and pass it to the card via glvertex and glnormal pointer 2. or build one big vertex and normal array for all the meshes pass it via gl*pointer and draw it with gldrawarrays later on i plan to implement VBOs to speed it up with the 2. approach i worry that vertex arrays might have a maximum amount of data( in MBs) and i also worry if this might cause a problem with my VBO implementation if the VBOs don t allow large enough buffers What do you suggest? which way should i go with? thx in advance

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