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Need help creating a cool menu for a DirectX game

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Frozen    122
Hello. I need some good tutorials about game menus, in DirectX. I want to make one for my game, but it is quite hard.

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circlesoft    1178
The Summer Update 2004 (9.0c) SDK introduced a new sample framework. Along with the new framework, there is a new GUI framework that is very easy to use, and looks pretty good. It implements many of the common controls, including:

- Lables
- Command buttons
- Text boxes
- Check boxes
- Radio buttons
- List boxes
- Drop-down boxes
- Sliders

Using this, you could not only make a game menu, but you could create your own options dialogs, too.

Also, there was an excellent series here on GameDev titled Developing a GUI with C++ and DirectX.

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