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OK! I've had about enough! I just got through reading through a post about 80 replies long
... and if you didn't like the game or any of id's games, why are you even reading this forum?

And if those posts piss you off so much, why do you even read them? Save yourself the trouble and skip them.

I personally couldn't care less what ID does or doesn't do, or anybody that works for them in that matter.


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I have seen these critisims on Q3 on few bulleting boards and I think it is bullsh**. id invented the FPS and all there games have been great (you couldn't believe the time I've spen't in Q2 and ActionQ2) and I think Q3A is the best FPS on the market. Okay so the single player is lame but I don't even try the single player in most games, just go straight to multiplayer.
I can't see anything wrong with Q3. Great graphics, great levels and great weapons. So stop nagging it!

"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."
- Albert Einstein

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OK! I've had about enough! I just got through reading through a post about 80 replies long about how this and that sucked in Q3A and how Paul Steed is a stupid dick and how id is basically comprised of mindless motherfsckers and how the game was not completed and how the CTF mode sucked asswater and how the cinematics weren't good enough and how the bots suck and blah blah blah.....

Maybe all of you who think poorly of id software are just not members of their target audience. In my opinion id's games have been written for the technophiles and the software developers. Their games haven't just been games, but rather complete development platforms. Why not take a look at id's track record.

First of all, its never been a secret, id is in it for the technology, because they are technophiles and because they like doing what they do. They have always catered to my needs as an end user. I have fun playing the game.

I saw the opening cinematic and was schocked to even see one, I liked it quite a bit. No, i don't think I'll be up for any kind of movie award, but it was very good.... compared to any other cinematic I've ever seen in a game.

Ever since I got a hold of DOOM, I have been hooked on id's games. And when I discovered the editability of DOOM, I was even more impressed. I played with this game almost exclusively for a long while, especially after learning to make modifications for it.

And the glorious days of Quake1 came about. Quake was not only a very good single player game and multiplayer game right out of the box. It was also a development environment! Quake1's popularity stayed at peak levels for a long time (especially for a computer game). And that was, for a great deal, due to the ability to screw around with it.

Quake2 came around, it also had a cinematic sequence that I saw a few times. It was ok. At least they tried to add a storyline. Quake2, in my opinion, was id's greatest creation to date. Quake2 had lots and lots of mods written for it, and I liked quite a few of them (Battle of the Sexes, most of all. http://spinoza.warzone.com). This game also catered mostly to programmers and technophiles. The interface was simple and direct, it employed the console interface (which is CLASSIC!), and it was just the most perfect collection of ones and zeroes ever. Thank you, id for quake2.

As for Quake 3: Arena, I think it is a very attractive piece of technical prowess, and a FINE deathmatch game. Capture the Flag mode is limited. BUT, people should not be claiming that it "sucks ass". If you remember in Quake2, it didn't come with CTF support out of the box, just 1 player and multiplayer DM... not even teamplay support. Q3A seems to be ahead of the game right there. Besides, who plays Q2 in plain CTF mode, anyway? Ya, thats right, you played WF/LMCTF/BotS/etc. So why, then, did id even bother with CTF gameplay mode?? To add native teamplay and capture the flag support, so that their target audience (Those whose IQ's are more than 27) would be quite satisfied. Up to this point, I am VERY satisfied with the way Q3A turned out on its initial release, and I eagerly await the release of the SDK, so that Q3A can live up to its legacy!

I think the game isn't quite complete, but thats no reason to close down id, castrate Paul Steed, shoot Todd Hollenshead, or place John Carmack's head on a stick (I know thats not original), burn down the building, or cause harm of any kind to the masters of id.

I also liked the cinematics, can't wait for the full-length feature film. (well, maybe they weren't THAT good, but I still liked them.)

... and if you didn't like the game or any of id's games, why are you even reading this forum?

... oh ya, and if you took cheap shots at id or any person therein because of your own stupidity, or you posted flame bait, or responded to flamebait with a flame; just for the record, you have an IQ lower than 27 and you can fsck off!

Thank you.

-Erik L. Elmore

(Aka, BigMeanBear)

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You really should take a look at Unreal Tournament. Epic beat id to the punch, produced a better game, caused id to panic and release another incomplete game, and Epic stole LOTS of Quake fans away from their "id religion".

Sorry to say, but the days of Quake being the best are over. Quake has evolved into nothing more than an engine. Look at Carmack's .plan file, it's just code modifications for licensers. Other developers out there, like Epic, actually makes GAMES today

And that's the 2 cents of a former FPS junkie left high and dry by the lack of good FPS games over the past year or two. Actually, there have been some good games (not quake) but I've been programming too much to notice them

Btw can't wait for Duke4ever, hope it restores my FPS addiction whenever it comes out

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