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ho do the lighting like as in the power render engine?

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when i loaded my unanimated robots into the power render engine the lighting look GREAT! just like the lighting in 3d studio max when you render to a window, which also smoothes the model, i was using the ogre engine before and it has the kind of setup that where itd be more odvius to bake the texture, but i want to use the lighting, it makes my robos look sleek and im having a cow over it, and im pretty sure it isnt cg yet. what am i looking for to do? how do?

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Could you explain your question more? You need to provide us with some more information [smile]

(1) What engine are you using now?
(2) What do you want to accomplish?
(3) What do you have working right now?

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mr circle

i have im making my own 3d engine right now out of direct x 9,

ive used the ogre engine and the power render engine in the past

and right now i have bsp trees octrees and art and ellipsoids going for me and i want to do it myself all of it all OF IT ALL OF IT(hyper ventellated)

and after i get the engine done ill be on moving geometry, which i through my octrees will do me instead of obb trees for now, mabey for ever,

oh god but the lighting,
what about the lighting

and i also make trippy techno music,
stuff to bionica too

oh gods the lights,
oh god the lights

direct x 9

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oh and the effect that im after is when in 3ds max 5

when you apply the "mesh smooth" modiefier, but dont make ANY smoother iterations,

you dont realy have to render it to see that half of the effect,

but with the lighting in the render window the effect looks killer on robotz

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