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Quick question- i can't seem to get my head around it. I'm basically wanting to make a tool that will display bitmaps from a custom file packing format (it wont include full bitmap info fileheader/info, just some basic info on dimensions and the raw bitmap data). My problem: how do I get a handle to the bitmap object just from my raw data? I could write a temp bitmap file (with file/info header) and use LoadImage and clean it up when im finished- however would prefer to access/do everything directly from the packed file. TIA

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You'll have to read your file and to manually create your HBITMAP using :

HBITMAP CreateBitmap(
int nWidth, // bitmap width, in pixels
int nHeight, // bitmap height, in pixels
UINT cPlanes, // number of color planes
UINT cBitsPerPel, // number of bits to identify color
CONST VOID *lpvBits // color data array

See the msdn for more infotmations about this function.


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