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Managed Summer Update Issues

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I have observed the most frustrating and inexplicable behavior recently. After installing the summer update on two machines, I was able to run a C# Direct3D program perfectly fine. I then tried to run the program on two other machines and with the new summer update, and the program just fails. What happens is this: We get one of two different error messages whenever we try to access anything using the Direct3D run-time. One message says an error occurred in the Direct3D .dll, 'an object is set to a null reference'. The other message is an IO exception which says the Direct3D assembly was not found. Both appear to be the same problem phrased differently (although I can't discern why we get one sometimes instead of the other when we troubleshoot this). We have updated the video card drivers, uninstalled previous SDK versions, uninstalled and reinstalled the summer update SDK numerous times. DXDiag shows NO problems with any DirectX component including Direct3D. We are using the assembly with the following properties: Copy Local: has been true and false - neither work Path: .../v9.02.2904/... Runtime Version: v1.1.4322 Strong Name: true Version: 1.0.2902.0 We have updated all references in the solution to this assembly. We are all out of ideas, and in dire need of an expert to help us out. Many thanks to anyone who can do just that.

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