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weird c++ delete behavior

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When deleting pointers to my Image class I noticed something strange. I had this: delete bgImg, bgImg2; Where bgImg and bgImg2 were of type Image*. But when I stepped through the line in debug mode I noticed that only bgImg's destructor was begin called! bgImg2 was "cleaned" up memory-wise, but since it's destructor wasn't called, it was leaking. Strangely enough, changing the line to this: delete bgImg; delete bgImg2; Fixed the problem! I thought deletes guaranteed a destructor call.

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I'm no syntax expert, but I believe the first only calls delete for bgImg. You need to say:
delete bgImg;
delete bgImg2;

because these are two seperate statements. Each statement must end in a ;

It's similar to how

float x,y =0;
will only initialize y to 0, not x (correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that's how it works with my compiler).

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