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D3D-NV6800 problems??

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ok this is BAD! I am using an NV6800, and ATI9800pro. I fill a 2d texture with some data (6000+ values). It worked fine on the ATI card. But when the same code is used on an NV6800, all the data over 2048 (number of values) are losssst! *sheesh* Not forgetting when compiling for ps_3_0 (effect file), i used the flags "prefer flow control" or "avoid flow control". What happened was that i got a performance increase for "avoid flow control", vice-versa for "prefer flow control". But i compile via fxc to view the asm code, "prefer flow control" gave the right type of instructions (all the if-else are present)...very strange. Perhaps a enumerator hiccup. jus wondering if anyone had the same problems... thx! Edwinz

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