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Composer with engineer and studio available

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We are a small group of musicians, engineers and gamers who have our own ProToolsHD studio in Stockholm (sweden). We have for the last 3 years been making music for commercials, artists and various independant projects. (Mostly for the fun of it!) Our studio and skills are suitable for orchestral, rock and electronic music and combinations of these genres. We are happy to make music for any game related projct as demos, movies, cutscenes or full soundtracks. If you have a project and is interested in some specifically composed music for your project we'll gladly make an example or two (or more) so you can be confident in the quality of our productions. Some examples; For more examples take a look aound our website at If this seems interesting for you or if you want to use any of the music on our site please contact our composer through email (you can use the music on the site for free as long as you contact us about it) We dont mind feedback if you feel like saying something about our little snippets. :-)

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