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Hybrid network Architecture: a security solution ?

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In a previous thread "Tank Game Server Design" an Anonymous Poster said : Quote: "The consensus needs a fault detector on the server that maintains a list of faulty clients. Each client sends a "proposition" to server (the tank A hits the tank B), if the server receives enough consistent propositions of the same kind in less than X milliseconds, the decided proposition is sent to all clients and they adopt it." Metron answer: Quote: "I think the problem with this implementation would be the amount of data send over the network. ... If every client would approve the hits of all others, the amount of data send to the server by every client would be too much for a common internet connection (not broadband)." Architecture is hybrid P2P Client server where the server is a Special Peer 1) Server maintains a list of trusty clients and may launch a simulation when needs 2) All Peer get (for simplification) full simulation and begin as trusty client 3) One or many of trusty - depends on the number of untrusty and resources of trusty - act as server for one ore more untrusty client) 4) Trusty clients invalidate actions of a client that don’t match his simulation. 5)If a consensus appears against one client this client become untrusty and a trusty one will act as server for him. 6)If trusty client become a minority simulation launch on the server and we return at a traditional server base architecture. The amount of data is the same as in P2P (Every client already receive the hits of all others) plus the validation messages who are not so often very tiny. The untrusty clients are not only cheater but may also be poor ressource clients. Modem and cheater are not a majority of player but a little minority (10%?) So even if the QoS is not equal to a pure C/S system, the gain in exploitation cost is very sensible. Moreover, as a P2P system we may take advantage of the full broad band of client (no server restriction) We done this hybrid architecture but not implement the security consensual balancing We will be pleased to get your reactions before implementing it... I apologise for my poor English spoken S GARIN alias Goodbeans PS how to quote citation correctly?

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