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Dirk Gregorius

CgFX and Cg

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Can I mix the CgFX and Cg runtime?
// Obtain a vertex shader handle
// Is this bound or loaded
pEffect->GetVertexShader( "Name", &hVS );

// Get some varaying parameter
position = cgGetNamedParameter( hVS, "POSITION" );
color    = cgGetNamedParameter( hVS, "COLOR0" );
texCoord = cgGetNamedParameter( hVS, "TEXCOORD0" );

// And upload the data
cgGLEnableClientState( position );
cgGLSetParameterPointer( position, 3, GL_FLOAT, 0,
vertexPositions );
cgGLEnableClientState( color );
cgGLSetParameterPointer( color, 1, GL_FLOAT, 0,
vertexColors );
cgGLEnableClientState( texCoord );
cgGLSetParameterPointer( texCoord, 2, GL_FLOAT, 0,
vertexTexCoords );

Is this or something similar possible? Best regards -Dirk

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