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how can I get the furthest x, y z postins seeable

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Hi, I know how to get the frustum (projection matrix by model matrix). So from this, suppose I'm at position x,y,z and I'm facing in a direction theta (where 0 degrees theta is facing directly down the -ve z axis) - how can I find the minx and max, minz and maxz points in the world that I can actually see in the frustum ? cheers

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you have:

aspect ratio=width/height, probably 1.333333333...
fovy=45 or something like that.

nearpl. far plane
| _-|
| _- |
| _-fov |
|<------| ---> camera direction
| ^- |
| ^- |
| ^-|

so, to get the maximal height multiply the farplane distance by the sin of the fov (sin(45)=0.70710678118654752440084436210485 ... sin(45)*100.0f (or some other far plane distance) = 70.7106781186547524400844362104.

Now, i don't know for sure if its rectangular like in the nice picture i drawed or if it means the total distance, not just the straightforward distance (hmm hard to explain).

If it's rectangular the right top point will be (sin(45*aspectratio)*farplanedist),70.710....

Anyway this is probably not the correct way but i'm not that far off. Just messing around with things like sin(45)*aspectratio instead of sin(45*aspectratio) will more than likely result in the right combination, a bit onorthodox i must admit but this trying works for me, also to understand things better.

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