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Is this how 3D Car physics works?

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OK, I've been looking up stuff about this for a while, and I just need to know if I'm on the right track... So when your modeling 3D car physics, you need to have three things: A car base, this would be a rigid body model. The wheels The springs, these act like shock obsorbers, which allow for weight transfer and stuff on the base. So when you want the car to move, you apply torque to the drive wheel and let it's friction with the ground move the car? Is there something else I'm missing here? Thanks.

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Got this list about Physics for race sims somewhere ... hope it helps you.

Technical data on tires showing tire spring rates for example at different
tire pressures, as well as aligning moment (Mz) and lateral force (Fx).

House of Thud. Nice slow explanation of the open diff and LSDs.

by Alison Hine. A good explanation and references for GPL's Salisbury diff.

; by Alison Hine. A nice list of what you still have to implement.

about diffusers.

Technical School
; lots of info on basic car components (suspension geometry
types etc.).

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