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VC++ .NET 2003

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So do i get this right - you can compile the same code just by selecting which compiler to use (managed or non-managed) and create both managed and non-managed executables from the same code without changing anything? And will there be some extras for the managed version that, if used, will prevent from making a non-managed version of the executable?

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I have visual studio 2k2, 2k3, and 2k5 on my system. All 3 of them have compilers for the following languages:

C (C99, I believe)
C++ (~97%-99% ISO compliant)

2k2 and 2k3 also have managed C++ extensions.

2k5 has C++/CLI, which is the ultimate hybrid. You can do everything that native C++ lets you do, AND everything that managed C++ lets you do.


MyClass* Class1 = new Class;
MyClass^ Class2 = gcnew Class;

Class1 is an unmanaged pointer to a native object.
Class2 is a managed reference.

Even MS is making the claim that C++/CLI is the platform of choice for development, and will likely be the area where games are developed (rather than C# or VB).

Check this article out.

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