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[.net] ComboBox.ValueMember/SelectedValue - Solved

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Hey guys, I've populated a ComboBox control via an XML-generated DataSet. I've got two columns that are used, CourseID and CourseName. I want to use the CourseID as the ValueMember so that it's returned from SelectedValue and CourseName for the text to display as the choices on the dropdown list. It all works fine except that SelectedValue seems to be returning SelectedIndex + 1, and not the CourseIDs as intended. Here's the code setting up the ComboBox:
this.cmbCourse.DataSource = this.registerDataSet.Course;
this.cmbCourse.DisplayMember = "CourseName";
this.cmbCourse.DropDownStyle = System.Windows.Forms.ComboBoxStyle.DropDownList;
this.cmbCourse.DropDownWidth = 160;
this.cmbCourse.Location = new System.Drawing.Point(347, 20);
this.cmbCourse.Name = "cmbCourse";
this.cmbCourse.Size = new System.Drawing.Size(253, 21);
this.cmbCourse.TabIndex = 3;
this.cmbCourse.ValueMember = "CourseID";

Here's how I'm trying to get the CourseID from the ComboBox:
DataRow newStudent = registerDataSet.Tables["Student"].NewRow();
// Other field stuff omitted.
newStudent["Course"]    = uint.Parse(cmbCourse.SelectedValue.ToString());

Any ideas why it's not returning the actual CourseID from SelectedValue? Thanks in advance, -hellz [Edited by - hellz on August 18, 2004 6:07:27 PM]

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Doh! Hate it when that happens.
I was about to post a test that I whipped up that seemed to work, but I guess you have it covered :)

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Yeah, spent 2 hours with that. [sad] Really hate it when things like that happen. It all seemed that it should work, but blah, no idea, lol.

Thanks for knocking up the test for me, though. Appreciate it. [smile] Guess I'll know better next time. [wink]


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