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exact files for glut and opengl

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I searched the forums but couldnt find an exact answer so decided to make it a new thread. Please forgive me if the topic was covered before. the story/background : i downloaded some glut and opengl files ( in binary and zip formats ) and set my VC6 for them as i am told in tutorials. At first everything seemt to be fine. There were not a major slow down in my programs as they were not so big ones ( but still not to be underestimated; a paint program of 1400 LOC and a 2d and 3d interactive beziercurve simulation ) . Then i started building a 3D environment. kind fo a basic game engine. User was able to walk in a closed place ( designed as a park , trees around (actually spheres over cylinders ) , texture mapping everywhere ( grass walls , a pool in the middle, grass around it and a stone pathway surrounding em all ) , 6 different light sources ( one as sun , 5 as night lamps ) ) , a few different animations which are very basic. It was extremely slow. Still it was what i had been expecting. My coding wasnt perfect and i had done nothing to make an improvement. but one day, when i was trying to execute my code , i copied some of `different headers and dlls` to my code's directory (another opengl32.dll which i downloaded from somewhere else for example) and bam!. The program was working as smooth as it can be without any improvement technics and stuff. But , damn me , i somehow deleted that directory , and never found which dlls or headers were responsible of this improvement :) so ? what do you say ? Which sources should i be using to achieve this performance again? Which libraries or headers i should be replacing. I tried "the latest versions" but the code is still slow. And the code was compatible with linux too but i had it work slower then before on linux ( red hat something , i am not sure ) If wanted i can post my code , but i thought it wouldnt be necessary ( and well it is something me and a friend coded in a hurry , in one night , where we began from scratch and learnt 3d programming as we coded :) . i mean you cant believe how messy it is , and well , it has more then 1KLOC . still i can upload it to some website and people may try it). And the problem wasn't in the code ( with my current configuration even my very basic 2d network simulation code works like a snail ) and sorry for writing it too long ( i cant avoid it :) ) , being unclear -if i was-, and any spelling or such mistakes if i had ( English is not my main language ).

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