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Questions about 3D Game Engine Programming

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I've been reading reviews and stuff on the book and it looks good. I just have a few questions about it that I couldn't find in the reviews. 1. Does the book use DirectPlay for networking? 2. Is the final demo for the book (the first person networked deathmatch game) runable? And Is it playable? 3. Is the final engine quality? Thanks.

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Guest Anonymous Poster
It really depends on what you are trying to learn.

A game engine has many different subsystems:
Object System/Simulation

I have not seen a good book that covers all the areas mentioned above (I have seen some bad though :-P), but there are plenty of good books that specialize on different areas.

Some books I have read that have been useful for me:
- Object-Oriented Game Development by Julian Gold (Paperback): Fairly good book on general engine design. It explains how to design your engine
to minimize dependencies, how to use design patterns to make the design better, and the different components of each of the engine subsystems.
- 3D Games Volumes 1 and 2: Not so good, but explains the architectural decisions made for the fly3d engine. There are a couple of things that are cool about their
system (specially on the tools side)

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