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Dark Signs X (DSX) first Alpha release (Mac OS X)

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Hi, Dark Signs X (DSX) for the Mac is a console-based game that simulates a network environment. The game has a dark storyline where you play a computer hacker. DSX has its own native programming/scripting language called XScript, which is a BASIC-like language. You can write your own programs and run them in the console, or run them remotely on servers within the game. XScript currently supports 40 commands, including IF...ELSE...ENDIF, LOOPS and VARIABLES, with many more planned for the final release. It also has its own directory structure (try typing 'dir' in the console to see!). This is the first alpha release of the game and I really want people to give me feedback on the flexibility of XScript as a scripting language for the game. I would also like people to experiment with creating their own servers for use in the game (any good ones may be included with the finished game!). DSX really is very flexible because of XScript and I am hoping people will show some enthusiasm for it I have written a users manual for the game, which is included in the download as a pdf file (or you can download it separately). I STRONGLY RECOMMEND that everybody wishing to try out DSX reads the manual as it has some tutorials written to demonstrate the use of XScript. There is no goal in DSX as of yet, as I have yet to create any missions (being only an alpha). Included in the download, are 3 programs: 1. DSX v0.5 - Alpha 1 (the main game) 2. Script Editor v0.9 (to write the XScripts) 3. Server Builder v0.9 (to build your own servers) I would really appreciate any and all feedback. There are a few known bugs already that I am working to resolve: 1. Quitting: Whenever you quit you will get an error message. Just ignore it and click 'Quit'. It does not result in data corruption. 2. Nil object exception errors: DO NOT move anything from its default location - you'll only have yourself to blame! Get it here (when you get there, choose DSX v0.5.sitx and right-click and download linked file): http://www.igarry.com/dsx/files/ Thanks guys,

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