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MMO Casino

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I posted this in the Game Design forum, however with the creativity that often browses this forum as well, I just wanted to at least share with you folks. Feel free to be pissed that I wasted your time with a post that didnt belong in the writing section, but at least dont start flaming me for grammer or spelling! Id like to hear if anyone in the writing forum here as any good ideas to suggest.. If not, than I wish you all a very nice day. _________________________________________________ Hi Folks, Although I post often in the writing forum, this is my first in the game design forum, so YAAYY for me! I was wondering if anyone had some input to add here, Id like some feedback on what you designers think. I was thinking the other day of a great project to start. Personally, Id like to see it a free service on a console machine, but these are decisions to be made at a later time. For the MMORPG, its really just a casino. One, big, every game encompassing casino, making it an MMORPG in that many people are in the same casino at the same time, playing the some games, etc. Instead of gambling with real money, theres a point system that mimics your monetary value- as I believe the legal hassels for real money are unavoidable. Other than that, thats all that would make it an MMORPG.. There arent stats or levels, just playing your everday casino games. The best part is in the customization. Much like Need For Speed Underground, I would want the customization for your character to be as near unlimited as possible. Players would spend their money won from the casino on different attire for their character to wear. From cheap to expensive, players could customize their outfit ranging from wife beater tank tops, to pimp suit outfits, to the most expensive of clothing. Players could buy themselves drinks, again ranging in price, where some would carry a generic beer can, while others are constantly sipping on the most expensive of drinks out of that fanciest of glasses. Players could pay for male/female escorts to accompany them for the night, then go sit at a texas holdem table, where their opponents are going to know they just spent $1000 just to have an NPC follow them around. From judging the exterior of opponents, players could be able to tell with some certainty exactly how much their opponents are playing. Sit down with a table full of high rollers wearing a pair of shorts and a tourist type hawaiian shirt, and youll most likely be the laughing stock of the table. Id like to also include the ability to own a car. Although, I dont like the idea of giving a player the ability to drive themselves (in fear of turning the driving expierience into a GTA type escapade) I forsee players owning cars, and when choosing to leave the current casino in their vehicle, it would be an computer controlled car trip, where players, who are less fortunate and walking, will see the players name above the car and establish, if you will, a presence of authority. There are some more details that I wish to flesh out before posting, but if you have any feedback, Id love to hear it. Thanks in advance. [Edited by - Nahoopii on August 25, 2004 5:54:55 PM]

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