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cheap detail texture Trick/Tip

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Since I'm limited at the moment to only 1 detail texture covering the entire terrain (a very crappy setup that you should avoid) but if you do find yourself stuck in this situation: I did find an interesting way to make a subtle improvment since it is a 'general' detail texture, i used random noise, you can interpret it as anything you want depending on the underlying color this does lead to an annoying looking problem though the tiling of the texture becomes very obvious and ugly; the human eye is good at seeing patterns of light and dark variation even in random noise so what i did was, rotate the texture in (different)increments of 90 degrees for each mipmap level (each level also has different brightness, to fade out details over distance, btw) its random noise, so no ones going to really notice the difference and since the mipmaps are linearly interpolated between each other the regularity of the noise pattern gets broken up over the viewable range -especially when the camera is moving sure, if you look at a still frame you can still pick out the tiling but it keeps it from being a Constant tiling, if the player is busy doing something else like playing the game at least its not going to catch his attention better than nothing at all... what you think? [Edited by - haphazardlynamed on August 28, 2004 6:35:17 AM]

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