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UScript (ut2004)- how to make a Mine weapon?

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Hello there... I'd like to create an item(s) that can be placed both from the UnrealEd and when playing the game. It could be something like a mine that explodes when a player comes to near. (not a pickup) I'm totaly new to UScript( I know how to complie and run stuff but not much more than that), so I was wondering if anyone could help me att give me som tips about where I should start looking for info,and at what already existing classes that I should use, and if there already is some code that does the same thing. I guess there has to be someone that has done this before...) thanks /newbie

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Ah, welcome to the wonderful world of UScript. :D

First, you need several links to get you started. And your first project sounds simple enough. Anyway, here are the links:

UT2004 official forum
Beyond Unreal Scripting forum
3d buzz

For a mine that explodes when a player comes near to it, well, lets say you want to make this as a weapon. And the best thing you should take a look at is the Spider mine class in UT2004. You can pretty much reuse most of the code in the classes associated with it.

Here is a link to something I had started a while ago:
It was supposed to be a site for group learning, doing the same projects with others and learning. But it died out pretty good, but the forums there have some good info.

And also, this is a link to our Mod that me and my friend did for UT2004.
Its based on Warcraft's Tower Defense maps. It comes with full source as well. Good luck!

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