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Couple of questions about DirectDraw

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Hi, This is my first post here so i apologize if any of this has been covered already. Id like to know a few things :), firstly i have a DrawSprite function that uses BitBlt(). I really want to use FastBlit from the backsurface but it gives me the DDERR_INVALIDRECT return error whenever i try and set it up. It would be easier if i just posted the code... This is what im using now lpDDSBack->GetDC(&bs_DC); lpDDSTiles[iSpriteNumber]->GetDC(&bm_DC); BitBlt(bs_DC,iX,iY,800,600,bm_DC,0,0,SRCCOPY); lpDDSBack->ReleaseDC(bs_DC); lpDDSTiles[iSpriteNumber]->ReleaseDC(bm_DC); ^^ Works just fine this does not RECT rct; SetRect(&rct,iX,iY,800,600); pDDSBack->BltFast(iX,iY,lpDDSTiles[iSpriteNumber],&rct,DDBLTFAST_SRCCOLORKEY | DDBLTFAST_WAIT ); ^^ Quits with invalid rectangle error.. I know it has to be something with the way im initializing the rectangle object, but im not sure what it is? Can someone show me the error of my ways? :) thank you

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