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String definition like in msvc

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Some script code require to have long string expression. In msvc, you can cut a string like this :
CString csTmp;
csTmp = "the string that take too long to be written on a"
        "single line and that I can cut in multiple parts because"
        "it's more easy than to have a single quoted string.";
If your doing so with a script you get a& compilation error. Would it be possible to have this capability in the futur ? Regards, AbrKen. ps : this picture will make you understand why I am looking for this feature ... Also look at the editor, it's fully AS integrated with in the status bar the error raised by AngelScript compiler. [Edited by - abrken on September 1, 2004 7:05:15 AM]

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Yes, this is something that I will implement soon. I'll probably wait until version 1.9.1 though, as I want to release 1.9.0 as soon as possible.

I'm very interested in your editor. Do you think it is something that you will release to the public? Do you have a site that I can link to from the AS page? What is the project about?

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Basically, the editor is Scintilla based using the PJ Naughter encapsulation.

I can deliver the source of the derivated CScintillaView I have made, I can also deliver the derivated asIScriptEngine I have made to feed the Scintilla editor.

But, and I think that you know about that, when you deliver some code, you must be ready to answer questions, and eventually find bug that someone else find, and also provide new versions. I do not have time to accomplish this task at the moment.

Also, my project is french and it's NOT a game.

What I plan to do is :
1/ Translate resource to have english access to my programms.
2/ Make an installshield exe and make it aviable to other people.

At the moment that's all I will be able to do.

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