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Visual Studio .NET and Win2k problem

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I am not entierly sure whats going on, but im guessing its that i am running the program im writting under win2k, but thats a far fetched assumption so I am gona ask see if anyone knows a solution for the problem im having.. My code compiles, runs great up until the moment it is exiting the program. once it hits return on main it has an Access violation right here.
		{	// destroy a facet

thats in the local0.cpp I have no clue whats causing this. If anyone can help me out id appreciate it. [/source]

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I'm not sure what _DELETE_CRT does, but I assume its a macro for deallocating memory?
It sounds to me like you're trying to deallocate a dangling pointer, which NT based versions of windows (NT/2000/XP) will have none of. If it's this the error being given should be a General Protection Fault. It's probally caused by either the memory being deallocted elsewhere, or by it not being allocated at all in the first place.

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