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Free IDEs (Looking for some)

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This thread has some IDEs listed for C++/Java, with Eclipse being the main one.

For VB.NET and C#, look at #develop, which is free and Open Source - IMHO it's a lot like Visual Studio too, except you'll have to crank the SDK debugger separate to #develop, which is the only drawback.

You HAVE to buy VB6. I heard somewhere there was an OpenSource VB compiler, but it wasn't that good last time I heard. Things may have changed now, but VB.NET craps on VB6 from a high.

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The're no compilers for php and asp, because you can just save you're code as .php lol. If you mean debuggers etc. you could use php-edit of the free crymson text editor.

There is a free VB compiler/IDE: Envelop ( )
I got it before but didn't like VB, so deleted all compilers included this one. I have on idea if it is good. Just try it out :)

And btw why do you need so much compilers? I'm sure not gonna learn all that languages, and if you do it will cost you like 25 years, and in that time the're probably new better languages so you don't need that compilers anymore.

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