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Dogh Quch

Problems with Dynamic Matrix....

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Hello people, I'm having a really hard time trying to use a dynamic matrix in my program. I never had to use something like this and when I tried it never worked...but this time is the only way! So, this is how I'm doing it, I have the declaration of the matrix like this: int **mi_Bord; And I’m making a malloc like this: MyIsoMap->mi_Bord=(int **) MALLOC(((MSize/2)+1)*sizeof(int *)); for (i=(MSize/2)+1; --i; ) MyIsoMap->mi_Bord[i]=(int *)MALLOC(((MSize/2)+1)*sizeof (int)); They are in capital letters because this is Brew code and not C standard. The problem is, when I try to make an value attribution there is an error. I know the way for doing an attribution is like this: **iso->IsoTeste.mi_Bord[j][i]=1; But the compiler only let me do like this: iso->IsoTeste.mi_Bord[j][i]=1; And that is why it happens an error! Can some one help me about the correct way of doing this?

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first let me say that I don't know Brew, so I'll just have to tell you the things I know hold for C; hope they apply as well.

Your memory allocation seems to be in order (although right now, I am really not sure, if it isn't supposed to be sizeof(int) as well in the first call---try that for a change, but it's a wild guess), but what I do not get is the way you call your array.
Usually it's like this:

int **matrix;

matrix = (int **) malloc (columns * sizeof(int)); // maybe sizeof(int *) -- can't remember.

for (int i = 0; i < columns; i++) {
matrix[i] = (int *) malloc(rows * sizeof(int));

and then you should be able to access it via:

matrix[x][y] = 19;

Maybe not much of a help... But you can give it a try, maybe it'll help...

BTW: Maybe you have the chance to switch to C++?! It's easier there...

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