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Multitexturing with 3DS

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Hello ! Does anybody know if it's possible to export a model as 3ds with multitexturing ? Or does 3ds only support 1 texture per Material ? I want to define in gmax/3dsmax a model with a normal texture and a normal map texture over the first textur. Is this possible with the 3ds format ? Thanks for any suggestions ! :) Best greetings, Megelan

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IIRC you can define up to about 8 textures, however you'll need to know how you built your model. I'm doing dot3 bump mapping on arbitrary meshes right now with my 3ds loader.

I use:
MAT_TEXMAP 0xA200 for the diffuse map
MAT_BUMPMAP 0xA230 for the normal map

There are also Tex2 map, Specular map, opacity map, etc. All those are defined in the material panel in 3dsMax.

I've found this document to helpful when I was writing my loader:

Hope this helps.

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