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Grellin GDU

2nd SDL game. Critiques?

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things that I liked:

1) the graphics were good, and rendered with no strange artifacts or glitches. one thing you might consider, however, is having the ship bank to the side when it is moving. and maybe some thrusters firing during play.

2) sound worked with no issues. you probably need more sounds in the game, and some music.

3) controls worked perfectly, although constantly clicking the button made me feel like I was playing diablo. I would consider keyboard controls.

things I didn't like(these are typically longer, as I also point out what I think you might want to do about them):

1) I only get one life. this might be intentional, but it does go against the tradition of these games. if you are going to go with the "single life" thing, then at least have shields or some sort of hitpoints.

2) when I died, the credits played and then the game quit. credits typically roll only when a game is "beaten" or the player selects the equivalent of the "about" box.

3) the font was practically unreadable. while i understand that you are trying to keep it in with the theme of the game, having a font that looks cool is less important than having a readable font. find a nice readable font that still fits in with your space theme.

4)the objects come straight down at me, and nothing shot at me. when playing, i simply hung out near one side of the screen and shot what I had to and dodged what i didn't or couldn't shoot. make enemies or asteroids that move in diagonal paths or do zig zag paths.

5) i'm going to guess that you are using bounding box collision detection. you should probably improve this.


it's a decent start.

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I would be happy if you provided just a .zip file with all the files in it.. - NO INSTALLATION !

I hate to have to uninstall everything afterwards...

else fun game, I feel its kinda hard, so you might want to implent some more life for the player.

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