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Guess the Number Game

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I made a guess the number game and I'd like you guys to see if there is anything you would change. As far as I know it works properly. If you know how to put the code into that little box with the highlightng and everything please tell me. Edit: Thanks for the responses, I put it into the code box.
// Guess the Number - Program generates random number
// and user tries to guess what it is

#include <iostream>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <time.h>

bool gameloop();  // main game loop
void debug();  // prints values of variables for debugging

int guess, lives, num; // guess for what rand num is, lives left, random number
char input; // input for if user wants to play again
bool win;  // checks to see if user won

int main()
    srand( (unsigned)time( NULL ) );
    while (gameloop() == true);               
    return 0;

bool gameloop()
    num = int((rand()/(double)(RAND_MAX+1)) * 6) + 1;
    win = 0;
    lives = 3;
    bool playagain;
    while (lives != 0)
        std::cout << "Guess number: ";
        std::cin >> guess;
        std::cout << "\n";
        // checks if the users guess equals the random number
        // if not tells if its too high or too low and decrements lives
        if (guess == num)
            win = 1;
            std::cout << "Wrong number\n";
            lives -= 1;
            if (guess < num)
                std::cout << "Too low.\n";
                std::cout << "Too high.\n";
    if (win == 1)
        std::cout << "You win!\n";
        std::cout << "You lose.\n";
    std::cout << "Would you like to play again? (y/n)\n";
    std::cin >> input;
    if (input == 'y')
        playagain = true;
        playagain = false;
    return playagain;

void debug()
    std::cout << num << "\n" << win << "\n" << lives << "\n";

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Looks neat; as far as a I can tell [grin]
To put it in a source box, do this:
[ source lange="cpp" ]
***source in here***
[ /source ]

Without the spaces around after and before the [ ]

EDIT: Well; if you wrote a funky one there, how about one I wrote specially for those who don't want to compile the source? Guess the number game in a link!

If you want the source;

javascript:var r=Math.floor(Math.random()*10)+1;var g='Enter your guess here.';window.alert('Welcome to Ben\'s awesome guess the number game!');while(g!=r){g=prompt('Guess the number!\nIt\'s between 1 and 10',g);if(g==r){window.alert('Well done! You win a cake!');window.location='http://www.gerryscakes.com/cafe-mocha-cake.html'}else if(g<r){window.alert('Too low!');}else if(g>r){window.alert('Too high!');}}

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Its just a stylistic thing, but I would take the break out of the if statement and change the while to a do while, with conditions while (lives > 0 && win == 0). This makes the exit conditions clearer for anyone who is reading your code; they know the loop will be executed at least once, because its a do while, and they can see all the exit conditions in one place.

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