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What exactly are 3ds's tverts. The maxscript command 'gettvert $ i' will return a point3 containing the tvert. But there are usually more tverts than vertices in a mesh. Plus the difference doesnt seem to follow some linear equation. Basically I want to extract the uv's from each vertex. These are probably somewhere in the tverts. But since I dont understand tverts I cant get this to work. Any ideas? -CPogrammer

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Max is trying to be 'efficient' by having the minimum number of actual geometry verts. Think about how triangles in a mesh share edges (and thus verts). In some extreme cases, you might want to have a unique texture mapping on each triangle. Rather than duplicate geo verts, Max's solution is to have a separate array of texture faces, one for each geometry face. Each texture face has 3 indices into a texture vert list (which could be, and often is, larger than the geo vert list). You get at them like this:

for some face i in a Max mesh, get the index into the tvert list:
long tVertIndex = mesh->tvFace[i].getTVert[j], where j is 0, 1, or 2

get a ptr to the tvert:
UVVert *tvert = mesh->getTVertPtr (tVertIndex);

Complicated enough? There is yet another way to get at the tvert if you are using multiple mapping channels, but let's skip that for now.

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