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Parallel FOV?

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Hi, Im making something that resembles a 3d model edit. It has the standard 4 viewports. 1 spec cam and 3 ortho (top,left,right ect). I have my spec cam have a normal FOV, but I want the other 3 to have a parallel FOV so that the objects always seem the same size no matter how far away they are. It does not matter if these objects overlap because I have them in wireframe mode. I also need to be able to zoom in and out in those 3 viewports and also go side to size, just like most 3d editors. Ive tried using D3DXMatrixOrthoLH() but this does not allow me to zoom in and out or scroll. What I need to know is how you make the normal perspective camera act like a ortho camera and also be able to zoom and scroll. So i need a cube frustrum but have no idea how to do that... Thx!

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