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SetVertexShaderConstant Problem

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Im having a problem using Device.SetVertexShaderConstant in 2003 using directx 9c (1.0.2902.0) in 9.0a and i think 9.0b i had no issues using this. The problem i have now is that when i paste the exact same code used in the previous versions i get IDE errors in the task list... Device.SetVertexShaderConstant(0, New Matrix() {WldViewProj}) Device.SetVertexShaderConstant(0, nothing) 'just testing SkinnedMesh.vb(379): 'SetVertexShaderConstant' has a return type that is not supported or parameter types that are not supported. The IDE underlines Device.SetVertexShaderConstant both times. Is this a known bug in the 9.0c release and is there a work around for this?

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