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GameToad Studio Releases WordWinder!

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September 3, 2004 – (Stockholm, Sweeden) - GameToad Studio ( announced today that they have released WordWinder, an innovative 3d word puzzle game. The game combines aspects of a crossword puzzle and Scrabble in a fierce battle for high scores and higher learning. Challenge your vocabulary skills with multiple modes of play and difficulty. In un-timed Thinker mode your objective is to score the biggest words possible. In the Pulse and Clock games you will be racing the clock and scrambling to make the most out of each unique puzzle. WordWinder plays on a 3d game board where you must carefully place letters inside a set number of boxes to form words. Some boxes are part of multiple words and therefore must be used multiple times in a single round of play, similar to a crossword puzzle. The more complicated the word the higher your score! This simple concept becomes an all out frenzy as the higher levels increase the word length and number of crossed words as you battle the clock to advance to the next stage. WordWinder is the first game from GameToad Studio, who are committed to producing high quality word and strategy games for all ages. The demo version of WordWinder is available at for free.

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