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[web] Simple non code question.

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Original post by SSJCORY
TO have a hit counter do you have to have server side script? Other than the ones that host them.

What do you mean, "other than the ones that host them"?
If the hit counter is not directly on your site and is provided by some external site then no, you don't need server side scripts - they will.
If, however, it's under your own hosting then yes, you will need it.

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He is simply asking for a hitcounter script. Not ones where you need to get an account on someo other site where the hitcounter is located.

... BUT, I'm sorry, I don't have one. There are plenty of hitcounters you can download though. What kind of script do you want? I mean, in PHP, Perl, ASP, or anything else which is capable of doing this..?


There is a list of free php hitcounters for download. Heh sorry for the long url :P

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