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Shadow race

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This is someting I am writing to a table-top RPG thingie: a shadow race. I have too little stuff, but I wanted some feedback anyway. The setting is a hitech future-fantasy world being blasted by constant war where the soldiers don't die (or it's [s]very[/s] hard to kill one). Note: the known abilities list is a collection of things they can do at advanced levels. A newbie shadow can't switch at will to shade form, per example. No limitations were written 'cause it's all at concept stage yet. ---//--- Looks: A shadow is a humanoid black sillouete, with white eyes. Its dimensios veries as any human's, but usually are skinny and rather featureless (or so seem to). It doesn' reacts to light (doesn't higlights or shades), keeping a constant black color. They doesn' cast chadows too. In shade form (see below), they seem the same, just rather transparent and blurry/cloudy/foggy. Creation: As far as it is known, shadows just appears in old battlefiels, specially big ones. How it doesn' die: When reduced to 0 HP, shadows switch to a ethereal form known as "shade". They then regenerate their wounds, and can switch back to the physical form later. How to kill: It's shade form is tangible to glass; it can be imprisioned in a glass cage or jar, or killed wit a glass knife. Geared to: Spies. Known abilities: - Shadows can learn to switch to shade form at will. While ethereal, they has the advantages a noclip cheat gives and heal wounds. Unfortunately they can't do much in this form... - Here, not here: If they find a dark enough shadow, they can enter it and exit in some other shadow somewhere else. Works like shadowwalking in most RPGs. - Hold by the shadow: If a shadow can connect to something's or someone's shadow, that shadow can't leave the connection point -- limiting the person / thing's position. - Hide in shadows: Shadows can pratically dissapear in a dark corner. Just sit there and close the eyes -- maybe with training they can change their own color to match the shadow's color, or enter totally the intended shadow... ---//--- Well, there it is. Any thoughts?

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