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Im sure there are plugins for most popular modelers. Just one thing though, if your planning on using md2 for a game... "i emplore you to reconsider" :-D, seriously though, if youve never noticed it before, the models "jiggle", because the 32 floats that we use for each component of a vertex, was crammed into 8 bits, so that way a vertex fits into 4 bytes, which is good, but a TON of precision was lost in the process. At this point theres no real reason for using such a compression, and so you might want to consider a newer format, if nothign else, md3, their very similar, except md3 has primitive bones support, (non skinned, which means theres no vertex blending, not that theres no skin...) there are tons of references on md3's, and i would venture to say that polycount has more md3's than md2's, and additionally, in md3's, the verticies are only compressed by 50% , ive never been able to notice the same "jiggle" in md3's that is present in md2's

anywho, to sum it up, use md3s not md2 (if your experienced enough you might even want to try md5's *.md5mesh its what doom III uses, and takes up much less memory than a md3 of the same polycount)

hope that helps

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