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How do I detect how many frames per second the game user has got, I noticed that the DirectX examples use it but I dont know how to.

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There are quite a few ways.

1) calculate the time (in seconds) between each frame, then invert it. Cons-Requires good timer, hard to read when it flickers thew frames so fast.

2)count each frame, then figure out how many have been drawn after each second/tenth of a second/any amount of time. Pros-Easy to use, fairly accurate, less accurate timer is still OK.

I'm sure there are other ways and permutations of these, but these are the two I see most often. I prefer the second, it is easier, and makes much more sense to me. You should try both methods (plus anyone elses suggestions) and figure out which one works best for you.

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Original post by frupert
yeah but how do you find out how many frames you have done so far?

depending on what language you are using, I am sure you have access to some sort of semi decent timer. For the 2nd choice, it should have a latency of no more than around 10 ms to be very accurate. In windows, timeGetTime, GetTickCount, and Environment.GetTickCount (.NET only) should get the job done. Hre is some basic code:

//Run this stuff every frame

if (currentTime - lastTimeCheck >= 1000) // <--assuming the resolution is in ms
fps = frames;
frames = 0;
lastTimeCheck = currentTime;

substitute "currentTime" with whatever function you plan on using (Check google for tutorials on them). Run that bit of code every frame (usually in your game loop, or in the OnPaint override if you are using .NET), and it will store the current Frames per second in the variable fps, which you can do whatever with.

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