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would this cause a memory leak?

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the following code works, but does it cause a memory leak? It creates a pointer and returns it, so Im thinking it does.
IDirect3DTexture8 *cSprite::MakeTexture(const char *imgsrc)
DWORD dwKeyColor = D3DCOLOR_XRGB(0, 0, 0);
IDirect3DTexture8 *pTemp;
ghr = D3DXCreateTextureFromFileEx(pGraphics->pD3DDevice, //device
256, //height
D3DX_DEFAULT, //mip levels
NULL, //usage
D3DFMT_A8R8G8B8, //format
D3DPOOL_DEFAULT, //mem pool
D3DX_DEFAULT, //pool
D3DX_DEFAULT, //mip filter
dwKeyColor, //coorkey (black = transparent)
NULL, //psrc info
NULL, //pallette

return pTemp;

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A memory leak occurs when you allocate memory (like with "new" or a creation function) but never deallocate it (like with "delete" or obj->Release()). If you eventually deallocate the memory (not necessarily in this function), there's no leak. If you don't, there is. Just make sure that you call Release() on this object before you lose all references to it, and you'll be fine.

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Right. When you're talking about pointers, it's important to remember that a memory leak is not caused by losing track of the pointer, but by losing track of the pointed-to-object. If I had 3 pointers to the same block of memory, I'd only free 1 of them.

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use the _CRTDBG_MAP_ALLOC macro when you suspect having a memory leak.This will tell you -in the output window in Visual studio- if there's unallocated memory in the application.

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