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AngelScript 1.9.1 WIP 2 (2004/09/14)

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After finding out that Lua was about 2 times as fast as AngelScript I started thinking more about how to improve the performance. I already implemented the easiest optimizations which has improved the performance with about 30-50%. I have plenty of ideas for other changes that might improve the performance even more, and I'm certain that I will be able to make AS at least as fast as Lua. AngelScript has the advantage of being strongly typed and the ability to call C/C++ functions directly without wrapper functions. The ultimate optimization would be to compile directly to machine-code, but that is a step I'm not ready to take yet. That part will probably be done through a plug-in-able JIT compiler or something like that. I'm planning on making these optimizations gradually over time, as I would otherwise have to stop further development of the library features, which is not something that I want to do. Here are the changes for the latest WIP: - bug fix: Switch-case didn't work correctly if the cases were not ordered in ascending order (thanks Dmitry "RCL" Rekman) - bug fix: The ternary operator ?: didn't release temporary variables as it should, causing an assert failure in the debug version (thanks Dmitry "RCL" Rekman) - bug fix: Passing string constants to condition operator would cause an assertion failure. (thanks Joe "Desdemona" Wright) - Added support for asCALL_CDECL_OBJFIRST (thanks Tristan "Kurioes" Hartskeerl) - Improved performance of byte code execution with about 30% Regards, Andreas Jönsson Author of AngelScript [Edited by - WitchLord on September 14, 2004 7:44:05 PM]

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I tried 1.9.1-WIP1 and I am pretty glad with the results. Performance gain is not just 30%-50% as you state. Right now the results are:

Lua: 20.499574 sec
AngelScript: 23.772902 sec

So it is nearly the same!!

I dunno why there is such a great performance boost. Older version performed nearly 2 times slower.

By the way, I did a mistake and AS version of performance test was not 100% identical to Lua version (there is one 'multiply' operation more each iteration, and the loop is one iteration less than Lua version). For tests to be identical, '*=' should be replaced with '=' in func3() for AS version and condition in 'for' loop should be changed from '<' to '<=' to match Lua's 'for'. I thought that could be the reason affecting performance, but even with the 100% identical tests, older version performs nearly 2 times as slow as Lua:

(Results for 1.9.0, 'tweaked' by me (ExecuteNext() rearranged, bcSize[] changed to enumerants), identical script )

Lua: 20.489861 sec
AngelScript: 36.730612 sec

Great work!


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Well, that is certainly great news. [smile] Already almost as fast as Lua, and I haven't even applied all the optimizations that I thought of. That was just the most simplest of them.

I don't know either why you get such an incredible performance improvement. When I measured the performance difference between 1.9.0 and 1.9.1 WIP1 it was only about 30%-50% faster. Could it be that you changed the compiler flags?

Wait a minute...

It's all about calculations:

1 - (23.77 / 36.73) = 0.35 (35% performance increase)

36.73 / 23.77 = 1.55 (1.9.0 is 54% slower than 1.9.1WIP1, or 65% as fast as 1.9.1WIP1)

23.77 / 20.50 = 1.16 (AS1.9.1WIP1 is 16% slower than Lua, or 86% as fast as Lua)

I'm not sure if the meaning of these calculations are actually what I think but I believe they are.

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I've just uploaded the second WIP. The changes are:

  • String constants are now concatenated by the compiler if they are only separated with whitespace or comments, i.e. "Hello " "Andreas" becomes "Hello Andreas"
  • asCALL_CDECL_OBJFIRST should now work, which allows application to register global functions as object methods where the first parameter is the object pointer
  • The ?: operator has been corrected once more due to bug reports that I received from Joe Wright

No optimizations were made in this update.

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