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Blending 6 independent shadow maps like a cube map

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Hi, I was wondering if any of you know how to get 6 independent shadow maps to render correctly without errors at the seams where the shadow maps meet when rendered as 6 sides to make up something similar to a cubemap. I’ve been experimenting with a tolerance > 0 in my shadow map look up with a slightly better result but the seams are still are still damn ugly. shadow[0] = IN.ShadowMapCoordProj0.w < tolerance ? 1.0f : tex2Dproj(ShadowMapSampler0, IN.ShadowMapCoordProj0); I wish to render the shadow maps independently to take advantage of the shadow map acceleration on NVIDIA hardware as it doesn't support shadow cube map acceleration. This is important as the program uses jittered smooth shadows so it is doing a lot of shadow map lookups. Also by rendering the shadow maps independently it is possible to alter each ones resolution independently to save memory in some cases. Here is a screen shot of my problem with some simple geometry & jittered soft shadows disabled: http://www.geocities.com/thesamsters/ScreenShot.jpg Any help or advice would be appreciated Cheers Ben

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