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Pre-Pre Alpha of a game which will never actually be...

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I wrote this to help myself learn the windows gdi before I start on directx. It's got a lot of problems (which I will list below) and I'll probably fix them (eventually). I still think it's a pretty neat concept, if nothing else. This is actually my first win32 program, and I think I've learned a lot so far. Next step for me is to learn DirectX. Bugs I know about: 1. Collision between asteroids and ship is shaky at best 2. no double-buffering (sorry...) 3. logical error when figuring out point value. not exactly sure where in the code this problem is occuring, but you receive 0 points no matter what... Some things I realized after writing this: 1. It is EXTREMELY important to PLAN how a game will work, and what classes/structs/functions/etc/etc you will need BEFORE writing any code 2. Comments are important. I didn't comment my code, so in a week or too I'll probably have no clue what I was thinking when writing certain lines of code 3. See # 1 Next game I make I will plan the logic/code from beginning to end on a piece of paper probably using some sort of pseudocode. I know I still have A LOT to learn, but there is a lot more going on in this game than in the other two games I have written (ie, Blackjack eXtreme and Thunk). So...... Game Description ---------------- Space Junky is a cross between a space "shooter" and scrabble. You have to avoid the asteroids coming at you while at the same time collect letters to spell a word. The longer the word (up to 10 letters) and the higher point value of the letters (ala scrabble) the higher your score. You only get 1 ship, so if you hit an asteroid and you only need 1 letter to complete a word, you will probably get 0 points. The point system isn't working right now though. The code is there but I'm doing something wrong with it... Here it is... Space Junky Source - Stephen

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