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MMORPG Game Theory: Feedback Requested

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MMORPG Game Theory, Feedback Requested Thank you for your time 1 Gameplay 1.1 Core Gameplay The core game play for Forgotten Past is based off of the prime ideas of Fantasy and Sci-Fi genre games. This game will consist of new ideas and technologies such as advanced packet compression. The story will play off the basic concept of good vs. evil. Forgotten Past will take place in the future during a battle between the two planets Terra Prima and Luxangard. This game plans to use advanced features such as: Game play · User Driven Economy · Players Decide future Graphics · Particle rendering · Visual emotions · DirectX 8 rendering · Multilayer sprites · Alpha blending Network · Direct Play 8 · Packet compression and encryption · Sql databases 1.2 Game flow The general game flow consists of the player logging into server and participating in Quests, Guild Events and Daily tasks. Quests will be dotted along maps and will reward players with Exp and Items. Guild events can consists of Guild wars or just general Raids of a map. Daily task will consist of jobs that people can have. Such jobs, which will be later detailed in this document, consist of Blacksmithing, Mining, Trading, Baking, and Farming. People in the game will also be able to participate in world events, which are large events that are hosted by GM’s and Admin. Also users will be able to participate in anything from large-scale user governments to soloing in zones trying to increase their own level. Users will be able to move between the two planets using two methods. The first is on a transport ship from Terra Prima. This method is generally used for Terrains. The other method that will be offered is through magic Portals known as ‘way gates’, which is generally only for the players of Luxangard. When a player enters combat he will have to show technique as a player. Instead of the typical hit alt and level system a new combo system has been developed. This system will consist of different melee attacks that can be combined to create special attacks or combos. Also a warrior class and a mage class can do dual combos that allow the users to attack as one. 1.3 Stats 1.3.1 Stats Currently in game Health = Amount of life a player has Mana = Amount of magic points a player has Stamina = Amount of energy a player ahs Strength = Determinate of Attack/Defense Intelligence = Determinate of spells that can be learnt Attack = Max amount of damage a player can hit for Defense = Max amount of damage a player can avoid Exp = Amount of experience Level = Level of player based of Exp Race = the race of a player Class = Class of a player manamod = Modifier from Race and Class, Mana strmod = Modifier from Race and Class, Strength stamod = Modifier from Race and Class, Stamina 1.3.2 Combat Combat will consist of two main functions that separate it from the rest of the hack and slash MMORPGS on the net. Theses two features are circular strafing and Combo’s Circular Strafing This is a technique in which the player is able to lock on to a target and rotate around. Using pixel-based movement as compared to the standard tile based movement will do this. Combo’s There are two types of combos that will be implemented into the game. These are Single player combos and duel player magic combos. The Single player Combos will consist of attacks such as piercing kick. These attacks are usually more advanced versions of regular attacks. The duel layer magic combos will consist of one player performing a melee attack while the other casts an enchantment on that attack. An example of this would be if the player attacked with kick and another player casts fire causing the fire kick combo. List of Combos (single): Name Combination Description Sting Kick S + K A quick kick to the stomach Piercing kick P + K A kick that pierces the abdomen Fatal Stab F +D+7+P A stab that kills the player as long as his defense is 0 List of Combos (Duel Magic): Name Combination Description Fire Kick P1: kickP2: fire A kick that that inflicts burning damage and regular kick damage Ice Kick P1: kickP2: ice A kick that that inflicts ice damage and regular kick damage Fatal Fire P1: Fatal StabP2: lvl. 10 fire Kills a character instantly inflicts burning damage to caster and melee 1.3.3 Skills As a player gains in level he will also be able to learn new skills. Some skills will go to the use of the player being able to use more powerful items. Such as if a player improves Long sword he is able to deal more damage with a long sword class weapon. Also some skills may only be learnt once like Duel Wield, which allows a player to wield two short/bastard swords. Skill chart: Name Lvl. available Description Gun Weald 1 Allows Character to weald guns Long Sword 1 Allows character to use long swords Duel Weald 3 Allows character to weald two blades 1.3.4 Spells Spells are given to casting classes. Theses enable the player to cast certain spells on NPC’s and PC’s Spells: Name Lvl. available Description Fire 10 Allows Character to cast Fire Ice 10 Allows character to cast Ice Thunder Clap 12 Allows character to cast Thunder Clap 1.4 Player Government 1.4.1 General Concept Each city/state in the government will have basic governmental system put into place that allows players of the world to control certain aspects of the government. However to prevent each government from getting to powerful the administrators will be able to step in as god’s to limit most of the power of the people. 1.4.2 Citizenship In order for a player to become an office holder he must first become a citizen of a city/state. In order to stimulate players to want to be citizens there will be items, discounts and special quests that will only be available to citizens. Also citizens of different city/states will be able to fight over zones and win control over a zone thus giving the guards in that zone the alignment of the city. Also the city in a whole will be able to get benefits for the capturing of zones. However just as cities can fight alliances between cities can also form. This could be useful if the cities military needed to join to fight a common foe. Citizen benefits: A 10% discount at all local merchants Not having to pay the Bank tax at the local bank Special Quest i.e. Bounties ect. Zone wars Guard Protection 1.4.3 Offices Offices will be available for citizens to hold in the government. Offices for: Terrains Name Rank Description High Commander 1 The commander over all Lord of military 2a The commander of the military Lord of science 2b The commander of the sciences General X3 3a Generals of the army. 3 positions held. Science Board X3 3b Board members of science commission. 3 positions held Soldier 4a A low level entry into the government ladder Student 4b A student, low level entry into the government. Offices for: High Elves Name Rank Description Virkishar 1 The commander over all Dikitar 2a The commander of the military Luxtar 2b The commander of the sciences General X3 3a Generals of the army. 3 positions held. Magic Board X3 3b Board members of science commission. 3 positions held Soldier 4a A low level entry into the government ladder Mage Student 4b A student, low level entry into the government. Offices for: Nords Name Rank Description King 1 King of Nords Military Leader 2 Leader of military General X3 3 Generals of the army Offices for: Dark Elves Name Rank Description Darka’thur 1 Leader of dark elves Military Leader 2 Leader of military General X3 3 Generals of the army Offices for: Orcs Name Rank Description Daktat 1 The commander over all moragdan 2a The commander of the military moragnan 2b The commander of the sciences General X3 3a Generals of the army. 3 positions held. Science Board X3 3b Board members of science commission. 3 positions held Soldier 4a A low level entry into the government ladder Student 4b A student, low level entry into the government. Offices for: Goblins Name Rank Description Hord leader 1 The commander over all Hord military 2a The commander of the military Hord science 2b The commander of the sciences General X3 3a Generals of the army. 3 positions held. Military Board X3 3b Board members of science commission. 3 positions held Soldier 4a A low level entry into the government ladder Engineer 4b A student, low level entry into the government. 1.5 Classes 1.5.1 Classes The game will consist of classes that the player selects during the start of the game Name Race Discription Marine terrain/goblin A class that is much like a warrior. Starts of with a laser pulse riffle and can only be played by a terrain Medic terrain A class that is much like a sage. Starts of with basic medical skills and a handgun. Techno Mage terrain/goblin A class that is much like a sorcerer. Starts off with a spell gun and gadget book. Goblin sage Goblin A class like a sage but has less heal spells and more bind spells Paladin terrain/light elf/nord A type of warrior class that fights for good in the world. Can both be techno and magical Necromancer Goblin/orc/dark elf A warrior class. Fights for evil in the world. Can both be techno and magical Horse Lord nord A warrior class. Is the only class able to tame horses. Fighter light elf/nord A warrior class. Fights using melee combat Mage light elf A sorcerer class. Druid light elf Similar to a sage but with a heavier focus on magic Monk light elf/terrain Similar to a warrior but focuses more on speed unlike the warrior, which is blunt force. 1.6 Menus 1.6.1 Main Window - Play Game - Update - Exit 1.6. Main Menu - Login - Options § Sound on/off § Music on/off § Resolution - Exit 1.6.3 Login - Login - New account - Cancel 1.6.4 Gui (refer to 1.5) 1.7 GUI (graphical User Interface) 1.7.1 Main screen The main screen will consist of buttons to access the Inventory, Spells, and Stats. Also basic character stats will be displayed on the main interface. These stats will include HP, MANA and Stamina. A chat window will also be displayed to show chats, system messages and other world notifications. The graphical interface will also be semi transparent allowing user to see a larger portion of the game world. Button name Images Description Inventory This button allows the user to interface into the inv gui Stats This button allows the user to interface with the stats gui Spells This button allows the user to interface with the Spells gui Basic G.U.I. Screen 1.7.2 Inventory Screen This screen allows users to manage their items and equipment. Here they will also be able to equip and destroy items. In this screen there will also be access to an item stats page that displays the technical info of all the items the player has and has been able to identify. 1.7.3 Stats Screen This screen will allow users to access a page displaying all of there Statistics. Also when a PC (Player Character) gains a level he will be able to access skills and add to their stats accordingly. 2 Story 2.1 Races Humans -a general race of pink skin creatures that primarily focus on technology. This race has two sub races. Terrains (pc) – The dominant race of humans on Terra Prima Nords (pc) – A group of humans that are barbaric and live on Luxangard. Primarily tribal but are the only race that can train Beasts. Grunts (npc) – captured prisoners from the Great War. A small group of humans that are the Elvin slaves. Elves – Similar in appearance to the humans but are generally taller and have pointed ears Dark Elves (pc) – This class of elves are considered outcasts by the Elvin community. So they live on Terra prima in a forest that the humans believe to be haunted Light Elves (pc) – The dominant race of Luxangard, Are considered to be masters of magic. Wood Elves (npc) – a small group of elves that live in a forest of Luxangard. They abandoned there magic skills to get in touch with nature. Orcs (pc) – a tribal group of green skin creatures that live on Luxangard. This race is known by the Elves as the Spawn evil. Goblins (pc)– Believed to be an intelligent version of an orc. They live in the marshland of Terra Prima. Demons (npc) – Pure evil. They come in many shapes and forms. Are blamed for the destruction of the Dwarves. They now reside in the ancient dwarven halls. 2.2 Terra Prima (Terrain Home world) A temperate world located third world from the sun in the terra system. The home world of the Humans and the original home of the elves. 2.2.1 History of Terra Prima The Great War - In the days of old the humans and elves lived equally sharing the world. Then during each species development there ideas began to clash. The elves in tune with nature studied her and learnt her magic whereas the Humans studied science. In time there opposing ideas clashed and a war broke out. The elves being generally a natural race ran to the high elders. The high elders created a portal to another planet that they had transformed in anticipation for this clash. A elite few stayed to fight the humans. Creation of Dark Elves – After the majority of the elves fled a few remained in the dark forest of Shadow vale. Killing any humans that entered the forest they remained there untouched by the humans. However the humans corrupting nature also damaging natures power that the Elves feed off of. As a result the elves slowly were corrupted. Their thoughts changing from life to death and they always feel the great pain of the planet. Demons invade – in the depths of the world the dwarves lived peacefully. However one day a mining expedition dug to deep and discovered a portal. To ware it lead they had no clue. Well for about a hundred years it was forgotten until one day it stirred with life. It began to glow and hum then with a blast hundreds of demons poured from it slaughtering the unwary dwarves. In a last ditch effort the dwarves sealed of the entrances to there halls. Unknown to the humans the dwarves saved their races life at there expense. Now the great halls lie in ruin under the earth overcrowded by demons waiting for one day to strike. The Forgetting – Over time the elves and dwarves just became legends and Shadow vale was deemed haunted. The human race grew and continued to evolve and war with the goblins that lived to the south in swamps and marshes. Space age – Over countless centuries the humans slowly evolved and grew the ability to travel though space. They now prepare to travel to their neighboring planet Luxangard. 2.2.2 Places Outpost 1 – an outpost on terra primes outermost planet. Were the mission to luxangrad is being planned out. Centropolis – the capitol of the human race(player starting) Shadow vale – the forest in which the dark elves live in Dargnoth – the main dark elf city(player starting) Valkyrie hall – the main entrance into the dwarves halls Doldrum Swamps – The marshlands were the Goblins live Darka’ur – the capitol of the goblin empire. 2.3 Luxangard (Elf home world) a once cold desolate land now transformed into a temperate paradise by the Elvin sun stone. The new home of the Elves. 2.3.1 History Creation – Originally a cold desolate wasteland the Elvin elders, in anticipation for the Great War, created this world with the powers of the sunstone. The Migration – after being uprooted from the homes the elves now settled in the valley of Lucandrill were the sunstone is currently kept. A few elves wanting to abandon magic moved south to the dransome forest were they now live peacefully. During there flight they managed to capture a large number of humans who now serve the elves as Grunts. However on there flight from Terra Prima a small group of human sympathizers followed them into the portal. These humans now known as Nords live to the north at the foot of the illagard mountain range training beasts for the elves. The Demon’s – similar to terra prima the demons also invaded this land. However they did this by transporting a race there called the Orcs to the world. The orcs however being slaughtered by the elves now live to the east in a land called Kar’tun. Enlightenment – After many years of studying the Elvin elders discovered the secret to immortally however it was at a cost. Only one elf was willing to pay the price of his soul. He now lives up north in the cold lands of old studying black magic and waiting to kill the elves. 2.3.2 places Lucindeil – a beautiful city over looking some falls. To the north of the city is the shade of the sunstone. (Player starting) Naturafey – a forest were the “pure” elves now live. They are also called wood elves Illagrad Mountains – The region were the Nords live. Ipsum den – the main city of the Nords. (Player staring) Kar’tun – Land of the Orcs and other evil creatures. Dikatha’ – Main city of orcs. (Player starting)

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Government Thorey Addon
Goal: To create a government system that prettymuch gives players the power to organize and guide themselves more efficiently and usefully.

1. Basics - The Guild
A groups of 3-10 players will be able to band together and form a "guild". Other players can join the guild as "recruits" by pledging their allegiance to one of the original creators of the guild who are now the "guild leaders". Multiple other independent players may then swear allegiance to one of these recruits and others can swear to these and so on. This is the hierarchial system for a "guild", the basic organization of people in Forgotten Past. Guilds will receive certain chat commands and the ability to "camp out" at certain locations as their headquarters. The leaders of the guild also have the ability to create/change the name of the guild, declare certain PK statuses mentioned later, and also change the guild into a government as mentioned in the next section.

2. Guild to Government
It is this basic allegiance hierarchy, the guild, which may then move into a city and occupy it as it's "government". If there is no current government in the town, all guild need do is have a leader claim the throne of the town center. This causes the guild leaders to become Government Officials who's positions and respective duties are outlined below. After the guild becomes a government, the hierarchy under guild leaders, which have become the government officials, will change to the military force of the new government. Players not under any guild or government now have the option to join this government as a citizen, and partake in the various public facilities and also pay the various expenses (taxes, anyone?).
If the town the guild wishes to possess already has a government in place, the only ways it can take the town is to merge with the existing government, or succeed in overcomming it (details in section 4).

3. Government Official Positions
All of these are subject to change/deletion/addition.

3.1 Trade and Commerce
3.2 Military
General(s?) who command the army (the hierarchy under the officials) and are able to give the "call to arms".
3.3 Town Construction/Repair
Various buildings will be able to be added to the city to compensate for an expanding population. Outposts may also become dooable, if not new towns.
3.4 News & Bulliten Board Administration
Moderated by Government Officials. Keeps track of various events/happenings having to do with the city or the government, or possibly international affairs. One will be in an easy to locate position in each town. Whether or how they can be used by foreigners to the town is yet to be decided.
3.4.1 Topics: Quest/caravan organization, bounties/wanted, news, events
3.5 Transportation
Manages fees and travel arrangements. Possibly controls caravans, or directs them in some way?
3.6 Foreign Affairs
During war this position is immune to any PK status having to do with the war, allowing for negotiating. They must also manage foreign marketing issues.
3.7 Treasury
Manages/controls money at will of other officials.
3.8 Law Enforcement
This will likely include bounties and possibly npc guard management.
3.9 Historian/Teacher?
Keeps track of government's past important events, or even history of each world in general, and teaches them to new citizens.

4. PK (Player Killer) Options (for Guilds/Governments)
4.1 Fugitives
Players who have broken a universal law of conduct (stealing, destruction of property, etc.) will automatically be set to fugitive status. The appropriate civil official will be notified and the BBS will be updated, in a way that varies based on the size of the crime. Players will see the name of the fugitive on the BBS. They will then be able to track down the fugitive by asking others if they have seen him. Once the fugitive is caught and killed, he will drop what was stolen, or enough to replace what was damaged, and also his head, which can be taken to the bounty office(bounty amounts are/can be set automatically by one of the government officials), along with the stolen goods, for a reward. If the fugitive is not aprehended within a certain in-game time limit determined by the value of the damages, his status will be cleared, and he will no longer be forced to drop what he took.
4.2 War
The leader of a guild or government will be able to declare war on another guild or government which basicly allows anyone of either side to attack the other on sight. If one of the sides is a government and is able to be defeated by the opposing government/guild, they will be removed from their position over that town and be replaced by the victor. The terms for this victory have to do with player death and are therefore yet to be determined. The citizens of the town will mostly remain unaffected in any major way, though the former government could suffer huge losses.

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