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Software Rendering Library

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Hi! Today I'd like to present my latest piece of work: a software rendering library. Muli3D has been in development for about seven months (started in late February) and is available from SourceForge under the LGPL license. Just recently I've added support for Linux, where the X11 library is used for rendering to the screen. (DirectDraw is used under Windows.) Some of Muli3D's features: - Wireframe and solid fill rendering with sub-pixel accuracy - Vertex- and pixel shaders (Infact there is no fixed function pipeline - everything has to be implemented through shaders.) - Support for triangle-lists, strips and fans + indexed primitives - 16-bit and 32-bit index buffer formats, Multiple vertex data streams - Floating point textures depth- and framebuffers - Render-to-texture operations (to standard 2d textures or to individual faces of cubemaps) - Mipmapping, Point-sampling, bilinear and trilinear filtering supported - Triangle subdivision modes + Texture sampling in vertex- and pixelshaders => Displacement mapping The SDK - which is available from here comes with several samples, which compile both under Windows and Linux. I'd be glad if you could give them a try. In case anyone fancies writing a Muli3D-based application I'd be glad to be the first to know :-)

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