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Samurai Jack

D3D Device-Reset

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Greetings compadres! I was wondering what parameters are neccesary when I call D3DDevice->Reset(). I would like to reset the device in the WM_Size signal. When I create the device I remember the settings used. When I call Device->Reset( same settings ) nothing happens. Am I supposed to fill additional information ( new widht and height ? ) altough no width/height was given when the device was created. The Result of the Device->Reset( old settings ) function remains 0. Any suggestions?

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Reset Method, resets the type, size, and format of the swap chain.

HRESULT Reset( D3DPRESENT_PARAMETERS* pPresentationParameters

D3DPRESENT_PARAMETERS is a structure with these parameters:
typedef struct _D3DPRESENT_PARAMETERS_ {
UINT BackBufferWidth, BackBufferHeight;
D3DFORMAT BackBufferFormat;
UINT BackBufferCount;
DWORD MultiSampleQuality;
HWND hDeviceWindow;
BOOL Windowed;
BOOL EnableAutoDepthStencil;
D3DFORMAT AutoDepthStencilFormat;
DWORD Flags;
UINT FullScreen_RefreshRateInHz;
UINT PresentationInterval;


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Blue what does that suppose to mean?

I can press F1 by myself. I have written, that I allready have a static PRESENT PARAMETERS structure that works on create device but when I use the same settings on reset() it does not work.

I allready said I did not enter any width/height information and it worked fine, just the reset device does not work for me.

Anyone who has been using this allready?

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If the Reset if failing to work then you should be getting debug output explaining why. If you haven't set up your debug information you should do so. See the Forum FAQ for details.

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