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OpenGL rendering 4 layered terrain as fast as possible

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hi here s the class that holds terrain batches in my engine
class CTerrain
		m_pNext = NULL;
	int			m_iWidth;
	int			m_iHeight;
	int			m_iCapWidth;
	int			m_iCapHeight;
	Vector		m_vecMin;
	Vector		m_vecMax;
	BOOL		m_bLayer1;
	BOOL		m_bLayer2;
	BOOL		m_bLayer3;
	char		*m_pszTexture0;
	char		*m_pszTexture1;
	char		*m_pszTexture2;
	char		*m_pszTexture3;
	CShader		*m_pShader0;
	CShader		*m_pShader1;
	CShader		*m_pShader2;
	CShader		*m_pShader3;
	float		*m_pVertexArray;
	float		*m_pUVArray;
	float		*m_pNormalArray;
	float		*m_pBlendFactor;
	int			*m_pIndex;
	CTerrain	*m_pNext;
-the psztexture pointers hold the name of the texture that is use for the correspondent layer -blendfactor holds RGB values for blending layer 1 2 3 onto the baselayer 0 -m_pShader* are pointers to structures that hold the properties defined in .shader files now to the CShader thing it contains material properties used for opengl lighting like mat_ambient ... you specify dot3 bumpmaps parallax mapping there you can give each texture a detailmap and specify the blendmode so if i use dot3 bumpmapping parallax mapping and a detailmap for each layer i get up to 16 texture units, the maximum on a geforce 6800 now my batches are devided into 512*512 units e.g. the player is 72 units large and i want to feature up to 8 lights now i don t know how i should render all this the most efficient way i will need multiple passes thats clear + the shadowmaps for the directional, spot and omnidirectional pointlights should i render each layer in a separate pass? or write a dynamic pixel and vertex shader (shader branching is supported on gf6800 cards) ?

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