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Post message from dll function

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Hi, I have a client app with a progress bar ( MFC Visual C++). The client calls a dll function , and I need to update the progress bar on the client dialog from my dll function,i'm using this setting:
ClientDlg.h app:


afx_msg LRESULT OnUpdateProgress(WPARAM wParam,LPARAM lParam);
ClientDlg.cpp app:

LRESULT CClientDlg::OnUpdateProgress(WPARAM wParam,LPARAM lParam)
     return 0;

After transfering the CWnd* pWnd from the client app,and including the header file of the message definitions,i tried to call this function:
from my dll function, but I'm getting Assertion Failed:-( What seems to be the problem? Dani. (Edited by moderator to utilise [ source ][ /source ] tags) [Edited by - Timkin on September 15, 2004 6:51:48 PM]

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First off, I find it somewhat humourous that you have a variable name "pWnd".[smile] *Ahem* Humour aside, however:


This appears to be a tutorial site that contains source code similiar to the stuff you provided. I would think, at first glance, that your error lies in the fact that you have "OnUpdateProgress", then "OnThreadUpdateProgress", then "OnUpdateProgress". But then again, I know little in this area(DLL's and threads). Hope it helps!

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