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GNU compiler bug for Dev cpp.

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I’ve ran into a very strange bug while developing my in-house CAD program SpecialED. In the program I draw a grid for window in the spcific view like this: Void DrawGrid(HWND hWnd, VIEWPORT* View, BYTE cPlane){ FVERTEX3D Min,Max; Clear window Validate Client area blah blah Switch(cPlane){ case PLANE_XZ: Min = Vew.GetMin(); // simply inline return &Min Max = Vew.GetMin(); // simply inline return &Min At this point Min And Max are fine and uncorupted Break; case PLANE_XY: Min = Vew.GetMin(); // simply inline return &Min Max = Vew.GetMin(); // simply inline return &Min At this Min And Max contain corrupted data? break; each other case statemt the data was progressively more corrupted . … } // Switch }; The Problem was in the construtor of the SpecalEdApp class SPECALEDAPP(){ FrontViewPort.SetSize(100,100,0); FrontViewPort.SetCenter(0,0,0) … same for the others … the lines above curropted everything in the constructor. } void SetCenter(float x , float y, float z){ Center.x = x; Center.y = y; Center.z = z;} void SetSize(float x , float y, float z){ Min.x = x Min.y = y Min.z = z Min -= Center; Max.x = x Max.y = y Max.z = z Min += Center; } I so put the definitions in the implimation module and everything worked fine. Very strange anyone else have this sort of problem?

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