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Kjell Andersson

DirectX and Purify

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I'm running my game through IBM Rational PurifyPlus. I get alot of Uninitialized memory reads in the CD3DXCodec class (which belongs to DirectX). Does anyone else have experience running Rational Purify on DirectX (v8 interface)? Is this normal behaviour or have I missed to set anything before calling D3DXCreateTextureFromFile?
[W] UMR: Uninitialized memory read in CD3DXCodec::CD3DXCodec(D3DX_BLT *,UINT,DWORD) {1 occurrence}
        Reading 4 bytes from 0x0013e5dc (4 bytes at 0x0013e5dc uninitialized)
        Address 0x0013e5dc points into a thread's stack 
        Address 0x0013e5dc is 40 bytes below the frame pointer in D3DXLoadSurfaceFromMemory
        Thread ID: 0xe3c
        Error location
            CD3DXCodec::CD3DXCodec(D3DX_BLT *,UINT,DWORD) [RememberGame.exe]
            CD3DXCodec_X8R8G8B8::CD3DXCodec_X8R8G8B8(D3DX_BLT *) [RememberGame.exe]
            CD3DXCodec::Create(D3DX_BLT *) [RememberGame.exe]
            CD3DXBlt::Blt(D3DX_BLT *,D3DX_BLT *,DWORD) [RememberGame.exe]
            D3DXLoadSurfaceFromMemory [RememberGame.exe]
            D3DXLoadVolumeFromResourceW [RememberGame.exe]
            D3DXCreateTextureFromFileInMemoryEx [RememberGame.exe]
            D3DXCreateTextureFromFileExA [RememberGame.exe]
            D3DXCreateTextureFromFileA [RememberGame.exe]
            Texture::Create(GraphicsSystem *,char const*) [texture.cpp:38]
                    // Load the texture
                    char pathName[100];
                    sprintf(pathName, "Data/Textures/%s", name);
             =>     if (FAILED(D3DXCreateTextureFromFile(m_gfxSystem->GetDevice(), pathName, &m_pD3DTexture))) {
                        ERROR1("Could not create texture '%s'", pathName);
                        return false;

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