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Macro problem with c

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I currently have an array whos values are defined when the array is declared. ie. int a[] = {1,2,3}; One of these elements is a macro CHTIME(m,s) that takes two integers and returns the following ((m)*60+(s))*FPS Until recently this worked fine as FPS was #define FPS 60. its now been changed to a variable and I get compile errors as FPS is no longer constant. I can't turn CHTIME into a function as it would not return a constant so what would be the simplest and most effective way to get this working again without multiplying everything where it is used by FPS?

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Original post by Maquiavel
Are you using C?
Because in C++ you can use constants:
int const FPS = 60;
and they fill correctly everywhere.

This would not solve his problem.
It's just another way to express a constant value.
What he wanted to achieve is initialising an array with a non-constant valu. This is not possible in either C or C++.

// works perfectly
const int FPS = 60;
int a[] = { 1, 2, FPS };

// will not work - FPS_nc is not a constant
int FPS_nc = getFps();
int b[] = { 1, 2, FPS_nc };

// this works.
int c[] = { 1, 2, 0 };
c[2] = FPS_nc;

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solution :

#define CHTIME(m,s) ((m)*60+(s))*FPS
const int newFPS = CHTIME(m,s) ; // this assumes m and s are given before it reaches the declaration/initialization of the const int newFPS

int a[] = {1, 2, newFPS} ;

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