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Need idea for a 4th grade sci project

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This is little offtopic but I dont have access to other forums now... My little cousin of grade 4 wants me to give an idea for his sci project. Can anyone give a project idea for a "simple", easy to make in less time, for a 4th grade student? I googled for sci projects but almost all of them belong to 7th or upper grades.

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googled 4th grade physics projects, Kids have all the fun... :)

So many things they can do. Telescopes, water or air rockets, kites, little solar-powered cars, little mechanical robots, ...


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hmmm... ***...remembering my approximately 4th grade "sci projects" i did at summer( when i was 10 or less )....like attempt to collect some metane from pool to the plastic bottle, mix with 15 parts of air (air have 1/5 of oxygen, and to oxidize metane you need 3 molecules of oxygen per molecule of metane(2 for C and 2 for 4H)) , and blow up...*** heh. not very scientific(except calculation how many air needed to fully oxidize for maximal effect(i really did that calculations)), and pretty dangerous.

Maybe, making a gigrometer from 2 termometers(one wet,one dry)?

Or something with electricity from friction of plastic For instance, piece of plexiglass placed above table(say, with books under corners) and small pieces of aluminium foil inbetween . When you electrize the plastic using cotton, pieces of aluminium foil will start to jump up and down :) (have you did that?).

it's hard to find something "sci" that avg. 4th grade elementary _teacher_ can understand, that's the problem. It would be good if your cousin will be interested in science after that project, and so, make sure teacher is not a stupid "i-know-better" kind of looser (thanks God i had good teacher, but i knew some "i-know-better" ones).
also,7th grade sci projects you can find in internet is simple enough for 4th grade.

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Original post by DirectXXX
This is little offtopic but I dont have access to other forums now...

I'll allow it, since is kind of a brainstorming question, not a "hey give me the answer" question. Could get some more interesting responses.

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My 4th grade science fair project was to leave 4 pieces of bread in my pantry and see which one would be most hospitable to fungal growth. One piece of bread was left on a plate and dry. The second piece was doused in water, but left oncovered. The third piece was sealed in a bag and the fourth was doused in water, then sealed in a bag.

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MrPoopypants: nice :-)
and i guess first was 4th , but maybe(inprobable) 3rd. it's need to do many tests(kinda fingus[sp] rally) and find what scored higher :)....

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About 5-10 years ago, I purchased a Prize Winning Science Fair Projects book. Here are all of the projects(title only):

Would Rock Music in the Classroom Increase My Test Scores?
Does Viewing Television Affect Pulse Rates?
Do Students at My School Prefer Pepsi?
Does Plant Food Really Help Marigolds?
Does Magnetism Affect Plant Growth?
How Does Heat from Below Affect Root Development in Houseplants?
How Much Caffeine Do I Get When I Drink a Soda Pop?
Is My Dominant Hand Stronger?
Does Caffeine Improve Athletes Reflexes?
How Does Smoking Affect Pulse Rates After Exercise in Adults?
What Vitamins Are in Shcool Lunches?
Are a Doctor's Hands Really Clean?
Why Should I Wash My Hands?
Is There Really a Difference Among the Brands of Detergent?
Can a Nail Be Made Rustproof?
Do Frozen Liquids Melt in the Same Amount of Time?
Can I Make a Bigger Bubble?
What Does Soap Do to Water Tension?
Does Salt Affect the Freezing Process of Water?
Do Brand and Type of Battery Really Make a Difference?
Does Color Affect Reflection of Heat?
Does HotWater Freeze Faster than Cold Water?
Can I Make a Curve Using Straight Lines?
What Is the Probability of Two People Having the Same Birthday?
Can I Write a Computer Program to Draw Pictures?
Which is a Better Insulator, Wood or Styrofoam?
Which Pan Cooks Fastest?
What Shoes Should I Wear When I Skateboard?
Can I Design a Better Paper Airplane?
Which Bridge Desing Is Strongest?
Do New York City and Istanbul have Similar Climates?
Are Fossils Found Only in Sedimentary Rocks?
What Kinds of Barriers to Wind Erosion Are Effectie?
Which Warms Faster, the Beach of the Ocean?
Is the Waer in My Area Hard or Soft?
Are Biodegradable Plastic Garbage Bags Really Biodegradable?
Sould I Wear Dark or Light Clothes on a Cold Day?
Do Snails Control Algae?
How Fast Is an Earthworm?

I apologize for each word being capatilized, but that is how it was in the book, and I was typing without looking at the screen :P
I cannot guarantee all of these are for 4th graders, or that they are prize winning. Espicially since my school didn't have science fairs. :(

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A minimal calculator in QBasic?
Or perhaps a program in LOGO?
Try and figure out AND/OR/NOT circuits using water perhaps?
(See pattern in the stone book for the idea)

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